10 Worst Things You Can Do When Making A Cup Of Tea

Many an office row or family feud has started over a poorly made cup of tea, and it seems that there are some common problems that all of us are guilty of that can ruin a perfectly good cuppa.

The survey asked 2,000 people what they thought was an unforgivable tea-making sin, and top of the pile was perhaps the most notorious criminal of all, too much milk. The top 10 in full is:

1. Too milky
2. Mug not rinsed out properly
3. Watery residue on top of tea
4. Bag left in the mug
5. Mug of tea only half full
6. Mug is chipped
7. When tea has spilled into the saucer
8. The mug isn’t properly dried, leaving rings on the desk
9. The wrong type of tea is used
10. Not milky enough

The survey was put together by British military charity SSAFA to publicise their Big Brew Up 2015, so that data might not hold true for Ireland too.


Do you agree with the list, or is there another tea making crime that you simply have to get off your chest?

Via Metro.co.uk

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