The C-String: How Low Will You Go in the Fight Against Tan Lines? Prepare to LOL

Here in HQ, we make it our business to suss out the myriad ways in which we can make your lives easier when it comes to all things beauty.

If there's an inexpensive quick fix for false lashes, expert eye-liner or un-chippable (yes, it's a new word) nail polish, we've got you covered. One subject that leaves us completely dumfounded, however, is the recent c-string trend. Haven't you heard? Well, sit tight (it just seems wrong to write that in this context) for this is the perfect, eh, material for a Friday afternoon chat.

While we love a sun-kissed glow as much as the next person, and will reguarly go to extreme exfoliating, buffing and polishing lengths to keep our summer holiday colour from fading, there's one part of our body that we're willing to overlook: the vagina. Yes, the big V. Are we that desperate for an all over colour? Do we really mind the inevitable tan lines around our nether regions if it means protecting our lady parts? I certainly don't.

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If, on the contrary, you are eager to tan your bum cheeks in their entirety, as well as the front bits, then the c-string is for you. The, erm,' beauty' of this ensemble is that it has no straps, no unwanted material, and cups around your, eh, generally untanned lady pieces without any fuss (apart form the fuss you'll 'cause on the beach when everyone on the beach feels compelled to stare, open-mouthed, right at your front bum).

The c-string certainly has its functional merits  - you could wear it under a skin tight dress. In fact, that's where we first discovered the popularity of the c-string, perusing the red carpets and the crotch flashing ways of those on it. But you should be warned - from a certain distance away it just looks like you're in dire need of a wax. And that's just the front view, from behind you'd be forgiven for assuming a c-string wearer had, in fact, grown a small tail. But that's only if you opt for black.

These days, there are entire websites and companies dedicated to meeting all of your c-string needs, so fear not, vagina-tanning enthusiasts, you can go with pink, white lace (for those wanting a more innocent look) or even a little polka dotty number. Whatever the colour or pattern, this lattest fad won't be winning any prizes for its aesthetic appeal, that's for sure.

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So how does it actually stay on. Well, it's kinda like an alice band, the wire - yes, you read that right, wire - holds it on your nethers.

Sounds uncomfortable, yes? Well some of the testimonials on beg to differ.

Take Rhonda, for example:

Actually, I wore it out last night and was out on the motorcycle. Very different feeling, but was actually great, it stayed in place and I wasn't fighting straps or worrying about it cutting up into me. In better words, I LOVE IT!! I will definitely be a repeat customer. You definitely will have a great selling item especially when everyone catches onto them. I have already been recommending them!! 

No prizes for guessing what Rhonda is getting all her friends for Christmas. If you know Rhonda, I urge you to ditch her now.

And Mr. Beckett bought some for his wife - he's a keeper.

My first reaction to the C-string was that they were sexy and exotic so I bought the 2 pair for my wife. When we got them, she didn't know if she wanted to try them on, but when she did she said that they were very comfortable, but wasn't sure if she would wear them in public.

What's wrong with the woman? Why WOULDN"T you want to wear these in public?

So, are you brave/crazy enough to give the c-string a go on your two weeker this year on the beach? Is the ordinary thong verging too much on the granny pants side of undergarments for you? We'd love to hear your thoughts.



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