The Dublin Christmas Lights Will Be Switched On VERY Soon

Yes we know, we haven't even seen the back of Halloween yet but you forward planners out there may need to know just when exactly you can start embracing the C word.

For a lot of people, that first moment of Christmas is felt when they see the lights come on in their town, and for those of you in the capital this festive season, we can tell you when that will be.

You have probably already noticed them being set up around the city, with the process taking 20 people working through the night over the course of four weeks to complete erecting the lights.

Here's when you will get to see them lit up:

Key dates for Dublin at Christmas 2015:

Thursday 12th November 2015, 5.00pm – A mix of family entertainment before a very special surprise guest will be switching on Henry Street Christmas lights. (event organised by DublinTown)


Sunday 15th November 2015, 4.00pm –The Grafton Street Christmas lights will also be switched on by a very special surprise guest! (event organised by DublinTown)

Thursday 26th November 2015, 4.00pm - Free open-air concert and Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony in Smithfield Plaza - Very special guests to be confirmed. (event organised by Dublin City Council)

Sunday 29th November 2015, 4.00pm – Switching on O'Connell Street Christmas Tree lights by The Lord Mayor of Dublin Críona Dhálaigh. (event organised by Dublin City Council) The Geansaí Nollaig 2015 world record breaking Christmas jumper challenge will also take place at the O’Connell St event.

In case you were cursing the early dates (sure, it's not even Halloween) Richard Guiney, CEO of DublinTown had this explanation, “Putting up the Christmas lights in Dublin city centre is the most carefully planned and coordinated operation that we do each year. Through coordination with businesses in the city we identify the most suitable times to put the Christmas lights."

The lights will be kept on until January 7th, while an unbelievable 25 million people will walk under the lights in Dublin this Christmas.


It's beginning to look a lot like. . . Okay sorry. Too soon.

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