The Full Lineup For The X Factor Final is Quite Impressive

The X Factor final used to pretty much feel like a national event, and while we do always keep up to date with the contestants and the like, it's just really not as big as deal as it used to be.

Saying that though, if you're flicking through the channels this weekend and find yourself looking at the final, here's who you will see perform at Wembley Stadium.

Firstly, Chris Martin and the lads will be on the show as Coldplay stop by for a song or two. Those lads are everywhere these days.

Also on the show will be One Direction (*fangirl screams*) who will most likely perform their next new single 'Infinity'.

Finally, Leona Lewis has just confirmed the news she will also be returning to the X Factor to perform. It's been nine years since she won the whole thing herself, can you believe.


Leona has since left Simon Cowell's record label but the pair must still be on relatively good terms if she is performing this weekend.

Lewis told Good Morning Britain today, "I felt like I just needed to move on," she said. "We had differences. The label wanted me to do an album of covers, and I just felt like I had not gotten to the point where I wanted to do that."

We're imaging herself and X Factor finalist Louisa Johnson may have a bit of duet too. While other finalists Che Chesterman and Reggie N Bollie will most likely appear with One Direction and Coldplay, although that we can't picture so easily.

The X Factor final will take place on Saturday (December 12) and Sunday (December 13) on TV3. Will you be watching?

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