The Kids of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Reunited for TV

Except, they are not kids anymore. Which makes us feel very, very old.

Honestly, we were shocked to see what Charlie looks like and horrified by the fact that the chocolate river was not, in fact, made of chocolate. Look, it's not like you would have actually drank that stuff because the steamboat waded through it and stuff, but still.




Via YouTube

While this trend for casts of shows and movies past has us reaching for the Zimmer-frame, we can't help loving them. Have you seen the Sound of Music Where Are They Now? Oh, that was a good one. Even the Babysitters Club Movie cast members had a reunion recently! We'd love to see the old stars of Home & Away getting together. Bobbi, Selena, Angel and Shane and people like Isla Fisher who made it big. That would be brilliant. Which cast members would you love to see have a good old reminisce?

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