The must-see Making a Murderer hairstyles Tumblr

At this stage we have nearly reached peak Making a Murderer, obviously for Steven Avery the quest for justice continues, but for the fickle folk of pop culture land, we are nearly at saturation point.

Thankfully though, it's not over yet as comedian Giulia Rozzi has pulled together this frankly inspired Making a Murderer Tumblr account, where she documents and deciphers the many, many hairstyles in the documentary series.

We've picked out some of our favourites below, but you can check out the full list here.

"The Bald Lieutenant: a no-frills style for when you don’t want a hair transplant because the only plant you’re into is planting evidence."


"The Shoestring Ponytail: a tight pony with two thin strands set free (like innocent people should be) and framed (like innocent people can be) around the face."


"The Upside Down Afro: this style lets your face have some fun. However this one is expensive, it will cost you about 18 years of freedom."


"The Eye Tickler: A long bang you hope will blind you from seeing any more injustice."


"The Graduated Top Of His Communications Class Reporter: a spiky style that looks good on camera. Be careful though, these spikes can be as sharp as the invisible knife cops claim was used in this case."



"The “Ah Hell No” Reporter Bangs: A a sassy style to match the look on your face every time someone says something asinine as fuck."


"The Avery Pageboy: the trick to this gorgeous thick hip style is using a prison shower for many unfair years. Luckily haircare developers are crafting a new artisan shampoo made of jail water, so expect to see this do on skinny-jean wearing bass musicians at this year’s SxSW festival."


"The Dassey Do: similar to the Avery Pageboy but harder to maintain, just like a false confession story is hard to maintain when it is fed to you by police officers."


"The Lucious Lawyer: a thick gorgeous mane that makes ladies melt."


"The Perv Part: a side parted combover you hope abused women will be attracted to when you sexually harass them. Goes well with a panty sniffer stash."



"The 80?s Comedy Coif: this cut let’s people know you’re fun and know how to get da fuck away from a jacked up jury. Looks great with a Trader Joe’s uniform."

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