The Ten Most Unintentionally Hilarious Moments on Irish TV

First things first, Teresa Mannion is our hero. That said, if this weekend proved anything, it's that Irish television can be a gold mine for unexpected hilarity at any given moment.

Sometimes it comes in the form of an on-air blooper, sometimes it's an, we'll say, eccentric audience member on the Late Late, other times it's just people being people. So, with that in mind, we've counted the ten most unintentionally hilarious moments in Irish television, stretching all the way back to Uncle Gaybo on the Late Late.

  • The time David Davin-Power turned up at the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis

What exactly had these members of Fianna Fail so enraptured? Have they never seen a camera working before? Or electricity? Who knows.

  • Vincent Browne telling people to shut up

There are so many examples to choose from. That time he told Bernard Durkan to shut up. That time he lost the rag with Conor Lenihan. Honestly, there are times when Late Night with Vincent Browne is funnier than Jimmy Kimmel.

  • The horse trainer who gave Tracy Piggott way too much information

Live television + people getting amazing news + probably some alcohol = this.

  • Every bit of Bridie's land is covered

All de cattle had to be taken offf...

  • Eamonn Dunphy in general

He's always good for going off on one and forgetting he's live on-air. The most recent one, of course, was one of his best.


  • Pat Kenny loses it on the Late Late

One of the seminal moments of Pat Kenny's reign over the Late Late Show saw him losing it with a caller. In fairness, we'd have done the same. Who wouldn't want to go on the toy show!?

  • Aengus MacGrianna fixing his face on-air


  • Gay Byrne and Boyzone

Dear God, it never stops being funny.

  • Teresa Mannion's weather report

Congratulations, Teresa. Years from now, people will speak of this report and say they saw it live. You have entered the pantheon of Irish television.

  • That guy who slipped on the ice

Legend has that the man has now left the country, changed his name and lives in fear of ice.


Did we leave any out? Any glaring examples that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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