There's a LOAD of shifting on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother

Make love, not war seems to be the new motto in the Celeb Big Brother house at the moment, with many of the housemates calling a truce and now just full on shifting the faces off each other.

Well three of them have been anyways. In a teaser for tonight's show on TV3, we see that the housemates got up to a bit of shenanigans last night with a game of Truth or Dare... which let's face it, always ends in shenanigans no matter what house you're in.

First Jeremy dared Scotty T to kiss Tiffany, to which she kindly obliged, then Chris dared Jeremy to kiss Tiffany, and then Danniella dared Tiff to kiss them both again to compare. So yeah, there was a lot of tongue action, to say the least.

At least nobody's screaming at each other. Although we wouldn't want to be anywhere near Megan when she watches this tonight...


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