There's One Hell of a Good Looking Bunch on Graham Norton Tonight

This may just be the most attractive couch on Graham Norton for quite some time, and he's had some lookers down the years. They'll also probably be a pretty entertaining bunch too, just you know, to not completely objectify them.

Graham Norton will be chatting to sporting legend David Beckham who, amongst other things, is set to reveal that Sir Alex Ferguson forced him to shave off his famous mohawk hairstyle, in the Wembley Stadium toilets!

Joining him will be stars of upcoming flick Focus, Will Smith and Margot Robbie - there's just no stopping that lady in Hollywood at the moment!


While Hugh Jackman will also be on to chat about his performance as a CGI robot in the sci-fi adventure Chappie. On top of all that, Noel Gallagher will be on for a song as he performs his new single Ballad of the Mighty I, (who's also on The Saturday Night Show tomorrow). Although that may not be the only music if Will Smith continues his recent party piece of performing his nineties hit 'Summertime' with the audience... why DOES he keep doing that? I mean, it's barely spring WiIl Smith...

Will you be Eurosonging it up over yonder on RTE but will you tune into Graham tonight?

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