Third episode of #FirstDatesIRL was an emotional rollercoaster!

Heartfelt honesty, wrong name calling, a bra stuffed with crystals, lots of bathroom breaks and heartbreaking stories... Last night's instalment of First Dates Ireland had it all.

Firstly, EVERYONE seemed to need to use the loo for an inordinate amount of time (mostly to make phone calls to their mates).

This pair - Carolyn and Kirk from South Africa - and seemed hell bent on going for a drink after despite not getting on at all... or too well... we still can't decide. Either way, if they did make it to the next bar they were either going to a) have a full on scrap in the street or b) start ripping each others clothes off. Carolyn seemed open to whatever, Kirk's eyes may have indicated otherwise...

Everyone was willing Barry and Jordan to be more than just "mates" and book that bleedin' flight to Ibiza, especially as a) both of them seemed beyond sound, and b) Jordan really deserves a bit of happiness after what he's been through the last year. In short, he lost his mum - who raised him single handedly - which essentially left him one brave soul standing alone in this world. In his words - he had to "grow up very fast" and start paying the bills that started coming through the door.


Unfortunately Barry, while he did seem interested, wasn't sure Jordan was the type to bring home to his mammy on account of the proliferation of tats.


Some of those emotional tweets could've also been referring to Tony and Sunita. Tony from Monaghan opened up about losing his mother to suicide, and dealing with mental health issues. Immediately Sunita empathised, saying she suffered a breakdown a couple of years prior.

The flow of conversation was beautiful, but unfortunately there was no spark her side - despite having a load of semi-precious gemstones stuffed in her bra (for "the vibrations"). They have since met up again and talked for over three hours, but - unfortunately for Tony - Sunita was mored attracted to First Dates barkeep Ethan (it's not the first time and it certainly won't be the last).

The success story of the night seemed to be 23-year-old Shane - SORRY - Sean and 19-year-old Lucy. Despite Lucy getting her date's name wrong (on his birthday, of all days) and heading to the toilet for the mandatory phone call - only to whinge about Sean being "ginger" - the two managed to hit it off. They even went on another date. And - as ever - twitter rejoiced. Because we're a big softies at heart.


Are you addicted to First Dates yet?

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