This pic of Brendan Dassey makes us sad

At this stage, the Netflix documentary series Making A Murderer needs no introduction, so we won't pull a Ray D'Arcy on it and waste the next fifteen minutes giving you the backstory.

As those who watched know, for the most part the documentary took place in 2007 when the then 45-year-old Steven Avery and 17-year-old Brendan Dassey were charged with the murder of Teresa Halbach.

While we did get a look at Brendan in more recent years in the final episode of the documentary, it is kind of unsettling to see Brendan in present day, mainly because he looks so much older. And if he truly is innocent, it really is a travesty to think of the amount of his youth he has spent behind bars.

His cousin Carla Chase uploaded the below picture to her Twitter account recently, followed by a message saying that Brendan "is doing ok & making new friends".


His lawyer Laura Nirdier recently told Forbes; "Behind the four walls of a prison without, obviously, a Netflix subscription, it’s hard to understand how big Making a Murderer has gotten. He’s understanding it. He is hopeful. He is grateful. He wants his fair shot. That’s all."

Brendan has maintained his innocence in the case and has said his previous 2006 confession was 'involuntary'. Following the release of Making A Murderer, Dassey's legal team filed a lawsuit that Brendan was illegally arrested and imprisoned, and therefore should be released.

It is currently awaiting ruling by a federal judge.

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