This Week's Late Late Show Lineup (Which You Could Also Be A Part Of!)

The Late Late Show is getting a bit of a hard time of it at the moment with even The Saturday Night Show drawing in more viewers last weekend. This Friday though, Tubbers and the gang will be making us do what we all secretly actually love doing of an evening - cringing our arses off at The Late Late Show.

Why more so this week? Well Ryan Tubridy is putting on his Cilla Black hat and having a bit of a Valentine Special, inviting all the single men and ladies of Ireland to join him on the show so he can help them find love in what will be a 'Singles Only' audience. The RTE bar may just rival Coppers after the show...

You can find more details on how to apply to that here, but you also probably want to know who else is on the show?

Well, joining Ryan will be rugby legend Ronan O'Gara who will no doubt be chatting about Ireland's Six Nations chances and catching up with the host on what he is up to these days, including asking George Hook to pull down his pants last week.


While the always controversial Katie Hopkins will be in for a chat with Ryan too about her recent Celebrity Big Brother stint where she narrowly lost out on first place to Katie Price. This lady is interview gold and is bound to rattle a few feathers with her extreme views on absolutely everything. The single folk had better watch out, she'll be gunning for them too no doubt!

Sounds like a pretty stellar show to us! Will you be tuning in?

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