Threats, heartbreak and lies on the soaps this week

Here's your weekly preview of what's to come in the soaps...


Chas decides to take matters into her own hands tonight and spray paints 'paedo' across Gordon's car for the world to see. No less than he deserves but Robert is fuming with her when he see's her doing it, telling her they need to be smarter if they're going to bring Gordon down. Hmm, maybe we can use Robert's powers for GOOD....

He proves very useful later in the week anyways when he tracks down Aaron's step-mother, and they discover that Aaron also has little sister. That's lovely and all, but will this step mum be able to help with his case?

Coronation Street

We can't even stand the sight of that Phelan fella at this stage. It looks like Kevin will finally see his true colours tonight though as he walks into the cafe to see him threatening Anna. That dude has to get what's coming to him soon... right?

Also this week, Tracy continues to blackmail Carla and it looks like her plan is working too and Robert will get the Bistro, that is until another bidder comes into the mix...


There's heartbreak in store for Martin tonight as he somehow gets a hold of a letter Stacey never intended him to open, that says he is not Arthur's father. He's devastated... although it is about time he found out in fairness. Will he ever be able to forgive Stacey?


Also this week, Aunt Babe has some more shocking advice for Abi - that woman should have an advice column in the Gazette. It would be terrible guidance and all, but oh how we'd laugh.

Fair City

Paul and Niamh are shocked when Rachel tells them about her plans to go to Australia with Pierce for a year, however things take a turn on Tuesday when she discovers details of Dermot's credit card scam and puts two and two together. Will Rachel be able to forgive Pierce and head off into the sunset with him, or is it the end of the road for these love birds?

Meanwhile, Damien and Caoimhe are nervous ahead of their scan, but delighted when everything goes well and the baby is healthy. Later in the week then they will finally tell Dolores and Pete and sure everyone is delighted for them. N'aww.

Red Rock

The clock is ticking for Brian this week on Red Rock if he wants to stay out of prison. Fingers crossed though that Rachel is smart enough to not change her statement for him.

Elsewhere, a suspicious call out to a burglary puts Sean and Adrijan's lives in grave danger - ah here, we can't lose another Garda, Red Rock!

Also this week, Vinnie's left to cough up the Kielys share of the christening money, but will he resort to a deal with the devil (aka Patricia Hennessy) to make them disappear?


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