Threats, Proposals & Flashbacks: This Week's Lowdown On The Soaps


There's a huge week of drama in store on Emmers as we finally find out who shot Robert in a special flashback episode on Thursday night that will turn back the clock to the night it happened in a first for the soap. If you remember EastEnders did this earlier in the year with the 'Who Killed Lucy Beale?' storyline. Viewers will see who pulled the trigger while two other big secrets are also set to be revealed in the episode, whatever they could be.

There's plenty to come before that though, with Chas starting to feel like somebody is now targeting her, while Aaron is a broken man in prison. Cain decides he needs to step up and help his family, although as is normal for Cain, his first thought is to go extreme measures.

Coronation Street

The pressure continues to grow on the Platts as Callum's mother Marion calls at Number 8 tonight wanting answers about her son's whereabouts. David's having none of it though and throws her out calling Callum a drug dealing thug, while later he realises that Sarah has been chatting to Billy and freaks out. Dragging Sarah into the Rovers back yard, David berates her for blabbing to the Vicar and tells her that if she does it again, he and Kylie will tell the police that she killed Callum and forced them to cover for her. Jaysus, she's your sister! This whole thing is really bringing out the worst in David, although he was never really whiter than snow anyways.

Also this week, there's a lot of teething problems at the factory as the Carters get used to working together, while the guilt of sleeping with Jason is catching up on Alya, will she finally confess to her groom-to-be Gary?


Pam is determined to get to the bottom of what's really going on with Les tonight following that sh*t show at Claudette's house, and at last Les admits the truth to a devastated Pam. Sigh. Poor Pam. Meanwhile, Ben and Kathy are still planning to leave the Square, but Kathy gets more than she bargained for when an oblivious Ian turns up with Dot and Martin. Once they're alone, Dot shares some home truths to Kathy, leaving her feeling guiltier than ever. Good old Dot, always cuts through the crap.

Tomorrow then Ian drops a bombshell on his mum (presumably that her grandson is the child of Satan) while later on in the week, Kathy has some secrets of her own to admit to her son...


Fair City

The fall out from Nina's deceit continues as she tries to explains things to Sash who is having none of it, and threatens to tell everyone the truth about how she ended up in prison having taken the fall for her. While Nina then is out for revenge on Charlotte and warns Decco that if she finds anything on her she will crucify her. Good thing she's not covering up killing her father then. Oh wait.

Nina is also busy trying to get Laura back and goes and asks her to marry her. Ah here, make up your mind Nina!

Also this week, Carrigstown's most depressing couple Wayne and Orla decide to give things another go... for the 300th time.

While this whole Tommy/Debbie/evil hotel owner story escalates, BUT, the main surprise of the week will be when Renee rocks back up to Carrigstown, with a familiar face in tow....

Red Rock

The Gardai are still determined to get the person who is responsible for stabbing Davey, although their prime suspect Laser has an alibi on account of being in bed with Davey's mam (and didn't she just delight in telling them that?). Paudge then goes full on crooked cop this week as he demands monthly installments for the information he is providing Beady. He was so much nicer when all he cared about was Wagon Wheels.

Also this week, there's a bit of indecent exposure for Adrijan and Sean, while Mr Westlife himself may just finally get himself a date with Niamh Reid...


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