Tim Gunn NOT a fan of Jennifer Lawrence's Oscars look

Yikes. Well, we can still count on Tim Gunn to say it like it is - or as he sees it, at least. Appearing on E!'s Fashion Police to critique The Oscars red carpet, the former Project Runway star had this to say of Lawrence's Dior dress...

"I loathed this look. I thought it was the amateur hour. From my many years of teaching, this to me looked like a student project... The evidence in the boning, the lace over it; it was all the sort of cheap shots that students pull! And I will add: For Jennifer Lawrence and her station in Hollywood and this industry, when she appeared, I honestly thought, ‘Who is that?!’ I just felt that... she’s not rising to the occasion that I would expect her to. I’m a truth teller!"


Do you agree? Or is it a case of 'way harsh, Tim'...

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