Trend spot: Necklaces over coats

I love a good aul' micro trend, so I do, and ones that inspire remixing what you've already got rather than necessitating a trip to the shops are always a winner in my book. I know we're all sick to the (chattering) back teeth of talking about it and looking at it and being freezing in it, but while we're waiting for winter to relinquish its icy grip I think wearing necklaces over coats is the perfect way to add a bit of interest and colour to an outfit without sacrificing warmth.

Have a dig through your baubles to unearth your most statement of neck jewellery, sling it on over your winter coat, et voila - instant cosy chic.

Not convinced? Not to worry. I've compiled a gallery of the best examples of the trend to hopefully convince you that this is definitely one worth trying.


The bigger the bling, the better; too dinky and the necklace will be lost amid the expanse of coat. This racegoer knows that the very best way to wear this trend is to go for an oversized statement necklace that could well be mistaken for a jewelled collar.

A million bonus points for the belted yellow cape.

via Ladies Day Ireland



I'm assuming that there's a pair of fleece pyjamas and a couple of hot water bottles under there since it's snowing and we all know there is NO HEAT in a trench coat, no matter how Breakfast At Tiffanys it looks. Excellent hat, though.

via Lookbook


Make like the fash pack and co-ordinate or clash your necklace with your coat, depending on how brave you're feeling; it'll look deadly either way. While a green cocoon coat (above right) might not be your cup of scald, it shows how simply layering similar colours can add subtle texture and a bit of interest. Did you have to look twice to see the necklaces? I did.

top row via Pilar Rossi // bottom row (L-R) via TelegraphDisappear Here


Yeah, that's Miroslava Duma again on the left, former editor of Harper's Bazaar Russia. She's practically the poster girl for this look, and I think I might have a leettle style crush on her. While I'm not entirely convinced that coat and that bag are a match made in heaven, the ever gawjus Laura Whitmore gets major style points for being the first celeb I've seen rocking the buttoned-up-coat-and-necklace look - watch this space for others.


via Jane Says // via FashionOyster

What do you make of it? Am I off my rocker or are you also a fan of necklaces over coats? Let me know!

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