Turkey Sandwiches and TV Specials: How Has Your Christmas Been?

At this stage of the Christmas game, we're all stuffed full of turkey sandwiches, have watched about 30 films, eaten all our favourite Roses so only the terrible ones are left to rattle around the tin and a few Christmas drinks have been had.


We’ve caught up with the extended family and bravely fielded all the “well, how’s the love life?” / “any sign of a ring?” (delete where applicable) questions from various relatives and exchanged all those presents we were stressing out over.

There have possibly been more than a few naps on the couch, the special Christmas episodes of Doctor Who and Downton Abbey are done for another year and the return of Sherlock on New Year’s Day draws ever closer. (I’m ridiculously excited about new Sherlock. MORE CUMBERBATCH!)


American comedy group The Flip Side have been busy Christmassing it up too, only they’ve done a gender swapped version of Christmas, by switching the typical roles and responses that go on over the festive season. It’s a bit stereotype-heavy, but one thing that gender stereotypes are good for is to be messed with, so the results are pretty funny.


It’s also worth watching to get a look at The Todd from Scrubs, who seems to have developed into something of a silver fox since he was last seen knocking around Sacred Heart.


I particularly like the present wrapping bit.

So how has your Christmas been so far?

And how IS the love life? (KIDDING.)

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