Twitter reacts to the 'sound' people on #FirstDatesIreland

In a sea of exceptionally sound sorts, twitter reacted the most to the "double sound" individuals who dominated last night's fourth episode of First Dates Ireland. What qualifies you to be "double sound"? Well, you've to pilfer a fellow diner's wine and then not apologise for it; you've to "pout and peace sign" yourself in the bathroom mirror; and generally keep referring to how sound you are.

We are, of course, talking about professional "sounds" Sarah (from Dublin) and Brian (from Wicklow, and therefore a "culchie"). Sarah informed us that she's a TEFAL teacher / soon-to-be-published novelist, self confessed "player" Brian has been spending a bit more time "finding himself." Well, dilly dally no longer Brian - a career in either sales, politics or both awaits.

Needless to say, twitter exploded - such was the proliferation of "double sound" on display

Needless to say, Brian was immediately smitten with Sara - given his predilection for "aggressive curvy brunettes", but you could tell from the offset when a player's getting played. Sarah went through the repertoire of flirtations, but some souls are more interested in having people fancy them even if they've absolutely no interest themselves. Shame, they were clearly made for each other and their coupling would've meant two less sharks circling the sea of sound.

As for the rest of last night's line up; they were the actual definition of "sound". We had Irish dancer Katie and interior designer / self-professed "smiling moron" Ciaran, who hit it off in the face of a very awkward start. They even managed to survive Ciaran's "terrifying" starter of choice...


Also making twitter melt were barista Eoghan (who never knows when a girl fancies him, and we believe him) and 'fund manager' Karen (who would "fall in love with a toothbrush"). They managed to get over the fact that Karen has a "proper grown up job" while Eoghan "just makes coffee". They also survived the bombshell that Karen doesn't "even like coffee" and have since been on another date.

While twitter seemed quite suspicious of IT man Gareth (we suspect he was just fierce nervous, like his date pointed out)...

There was no denying just how lovely his match Rebecca was...

And, on the whole, people were rooting for them as a potential couple (they went on "to the nearest pub" after departing the restaurant). Although, if they do end up together, Rebecca will have to contend with his "twenty a day" habit.

As for the final couple of the night - both Shem and Noelle were super "sound", and enjoyed an evening merrily shooting the breeze, giving good banter and generally having the laughs, but - sadly - Noelle just wasn't that into her. We'll leave the final word with @BrianMLloyd over at who - between the Eurovision and First Dates - played an absolute blinder on twitter last night.


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