Twitter's reaction to those stomach-churning sex scenes on Celebrity Big Brother

This round of Celebrity Big Brother is not shy of controversy, between Biggins being removed for 'offensive language', and the constant arguments between housemates. Basically, most of them absolutely can't stand the sight of each other, and the rest of them, well they're just copping off with one another. (Do people still say that??)

The showmances house couples this summer are Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson and TOWIE's Lewis Bloor, as well as Ex on the Beach's Stephen Bear and former X Factor contestant Chloe Khan.

They certainly aren't shy of showing their affection for each other either, as viewers will have seen, in oh-so-great detail last night.

The episode showed Marnie and Lewis get very up close and personal in the shower, with Marnie very openly walking around the bathroom in her birthday suit after.

She later told Big Brother in the diary room that she "just had the most romantic shower in my life!" However she insisted that nothing more happened despite how it looked saying; "I would never do anything more than shower with him and kiss him."

There was even more action on last night's episode between Chloe and Bear, who also got steamy in the bathroom, with Bear suggesting what he, eh, wanted to do to Chloe, with her replying; "Naughty Teddy Bear".


Even their fellow housemates were appalled at what they were seeing (the bathroom has windows), with Samantha Fox asking: "Do you think she realises her family can see that?"

Saira Khan added: "Do they not know that's clear glass?"

While Katie Waissel said; "I feel like I'm watching porn. It's not fun, I'm in shock... this is just ridiculous."

Although she then went on to narrate the scene doing a David Attenborough impression, which was pretty funny in fairness.

Viewers were left reeling in the aftermath of the episode, with some taking to Twitter to sum up what we were all thinking;


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