Victoria's Secret Release Festive TV Advert

Last year, they were all tucked up in their jammies, curled up by log fires. This year, they're in Rome in their undies trying to catch their deaths - as yer mammy would say.

If undies are your thing, revel in this montage of lacy loveliness. If you're impressed by the artistic merit of the advert, it was directed by Michael Bay...

If you're wondering why there's an influx in Victoria's Secret stories in your feed the last few days, it's because the fashion show - which was filmed last month, and featured the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner - was aired in the US on December 9th. And it motivated Ellen DeGeneres to morph herself into an Angel. And the results are resplendent.


That's what we'll be doing for the afternoon.

Speaking of preferences; what would you prefer to find in your stocking on Christmas morning - some comfy jammies or some lacy lingerie?

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