Watch: Dublin Man Finds Out Truth About His Future Wife On RTE Tonight

You know the way couples getting married in the Catholic church have to go for a pre-marriage course? Well this is kind of like that. Except it's on telly, so we can all watch and it's a not a Catholic course it's just a general, 'lets mess with folk getting married for our entertainment' thing.

This one-off documentary special on RTE2 tonight called 'Then Comes Marriage?' sees three couples taking part in a crash course on relationship skills during a three-day pre-marriage boot camp at a country house, undergoing a series of eye-opening tests and therapies with the help of psychologist Allison Keating and psychoanalyst Ray O'Neill.

One such couple is the pair below, as future-wifey reveals to future hubby just how much she would spend without telling him. His face is well and truly priceless compared to her nonchalant reaction....


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