Watch: Heartbreak for Operation Transformation's Dan

Yesterday brought the disappointing news that Operation Transformation leader Dan Kennedy wouldn't be able to continue on the show due to illness, in what was a first in the eight year run of the RTE series.

Dan is suffering from severe colitis, a condition that pre-existed his commencement of the Operation Transformation programme and which neither Dan nor his GP were aware of. Dan had been rested from his Operation Transformation food and fitness plans while he underwent tests but this week his doctors broke the news that he would have to withdraw from the programme.

Below is a preview clip of the heartbreaking moment Dan discovered he couldn't continue with the show, but in typical Dan style, he was soon laughing again...

Here's hoping Dan makes a full recovery soon.


Viewers will see more of Dan’s reaction to the news on tonight’s episode of Operation Transformation, RTÉ One at 8.30pm.

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