Watch: Love Island's Terry and Malin had one HELL of a showdown

One of the surprise TV hits of the summer has to be Love Island... we're putting a lot of this down to there being so very little else to watch at the moment, and because, well, we'll give it to them, they are doing a pretty good job at sucking everyone into the drama.

Last night saw Terry and his Love Island ex Marlin come face to face, and while yesterday they were just teasing us with snippets, now we've got the full bitter showdown in all its 'muggy' glory.

The back story here, for those that might have missed it, is that Terry and Malin were together in the villa for three weeks, she left, he almost went with her, but ultimately decided to stay. However just a matter of days later he was in bed with 19-year-old newcomer Emma, and well, Marlin was not a happy lady.



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