Watch! Shock news: no such thing as a happy period, bodyform show amazing sense of humour

A recent comment on Bodyform's Facebook page from a man expressing his mock dismay to find that his girlfriend didn't spend her time rollerblading or dancing around in white jeans while she was having her period went viral, clocking up over 80,000 likes. I'm actually amazed that it got so much attention in the first place, as personally I don't really find it that funny. (And the fact that he doesn't seem to know when to use the space bar bothers me, because I'm that sort of person.)

However, Bodyform have since responded in magnificent style, with a delightfully snarky video from faux-CEO "Caroline Williams", who elegantly schools him on the fact that the idea of the horse-riding, white-clad daredevil is in fact all an illusion and he's rumbled their cover.

I love this video, it's funny, clever and let's face it, the jug of blue liquid is a brilliant touch. It's also refreshing to see a company like Bodyform coming up with a genuinely witty and amusing ad, as ads for sanitary products generally make me want to fling the remote at the telly.

"Women! Here's something else to be insecure about! You stink during your period! Luckily we've made scented pads and tampons for just for you, you smelly cow, now go buy them immediately so you can get into a lift with other humans without hanging your head in shame!"


Well, that's the general gist anway. Apart from the companies inventing new problems that they’ve just so happened to have fixed, campaigns like Tampax’s Mother Nature ads and Always with their inane “Have a happy period” slogan get on my wick.

Mother Nature with her wheedling voice and the annoying way she says “peeeeriod” pops up at inopportune moments, to present models and athletes with their “monthly gift”. I suppose it’s a slightly different approach to advertising tampons but it irritates the bejaysus out of me. And as for the “Have a happy period” slogan? I’d love to know who came up with that, so I could deliver a happy kick to their shins.

What do you think of Bodyform’s response? And what do you make of tampon advertising in general?

To the comments!

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