Watch: This Emotional Proposal On RTE's Today Show Will Melt Your Heart

This surely won't be the only wedding proposal over Valentine's weekend - and there's still a bit more left of it! - but it definitely could be the most emotional. (Totes emotes, folks) Derek wrote into RTE's Today Show to tell them about his very special partner and mother to his child Sarah, who he wanted to completely take by surprise and propose to before Valentine's Day.

Before we go any further, you should read the letter...

Subject: Proposing to my hero

Let me start by telling you about my girlfriend Sarah. She is 29, a teacher and the mother to my 6 month old son Oscar. Sarah had a condition known as HELLP syndrome during child birth, which almost resulted in me losing the love of my life. She spent the first few days of Oscars life in HDU, upon waking her first concern was my well-being. In the six months since she has achieved a huge amount while recovering and being the best mother Oscar could ever ask for, including dancing in a professional show. Sarah is the strongest, most loving, amazing person I have ever met and I would love nothing more than to have her as my wife. I understand the volume of emails you must get on this but please take me into consideration

Thank you for your time

Sincerely, Derek



You should probably go get yourself a tissue now, as below is how this surprise unfolds...

The report was aired on Friday's Today Show where the couple were in studio chatting to Daithi and Maura.

Everybody, altogether now... Awwwwww!

Yeah we know how corny we are, but come on, it's Valentine's time...that's like Christmas for love, you guys.

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