Watching EastEnders makes you less attractive

Yeah.  We don't know what madness this is either, but according to a new study, watching soaps makes you less appealing to the opposite sex.

The research, conducted by Elite Singles with both men and women, looked at how someone's taste in television shows impacted their love life, and the results they found, is that it actually can.

It stated that 63% of participants are happy to date people who watch a lot of TV, as long as it's not soaps.

54% think that watching EastEnders makes you less attractive, and 49% think that dating a Coronation Street fan is a major red flag.

Doctor Who fans aren't safe either, with 22% ranking Doctor Who in their top three TV turn offs.


However if you watch Game of Thrones, Sherlock or The Big Bang Theory (seriously?), you are considered more attractive.

What if you watch ALL of them? Does one cancel the other out? Can't we live in a world where EastEnders fans and Game of Thrones fans co-exist peacefully?

No? okay then.


We wouldn't take it too seriously. After all, this is a survey that comes from a group people who think they're so sh*t hot they deserve to be on an 'Elite' singles website, so get back to watching all the Albert Square drama you want, you RIDE.

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