Wedding Photo Surprise: Bride, Groom and 3,000 Naked Cyclists

There you are, with the love of your life, dressed in white - getting your photo taken in the centre of Philadelphia, in what looks like a deserted street - and then 3,000 naked/body painted cyclists on a charity run bomb your special moment. Love just doesn't get better than this...


According to Indianapolis City And Press "Nude and body-painted participants from this year's Philly Naked Bike Ride cruised through the wedding day photo shoot of lovebirds Ross Cohen and Blair Delson."


According to Us Weekly, their photographer said. "I'm so grateful Blair and Ross embraced their adventurous spirit... Though they were joking about how, exactly, they would explain these pictures to their kids!"

For more of the rather NSFW photos, make your way to Us Weekly

Via JPG Photography


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