We're a little bit in love with Dakota Johnson's Gucci dress

Well, you would drop the F word if you were in a hypothetical conversation with Darth Vader and you'd just copped he was leaving you for another women... This is just one of the scenarios posed by the producers of The Tonight Show, which saw Jimmy Fallon and Dakota Fanning participate in The Acting Game. It's a lot less serious than it sounds.

While some were interested in the narrative of the segment, most were being distracted by the sparkles on her fantasy dress (rather it's my fantasy dress - would've LOVED something similar to this in my dress up box; I could never afford the original). It's by Gucci and there's more on that after the vid.

For those about to jump on twitter to see the dress in its entirety, we've done that for you.


Are you a fan of this look? Is it Disney Princess at the town fair, or quintessential 70s boho chic?

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