What? Vera Duckworth Going To Be On Emmerdale?

OK, Vera Duckworth the character will not be on Emmerdale, the actress who played her, Liz Dawn isn't quite done with soapland yet and is set for a cameo role in Emmerdale this Christmas, playing a guest in Pollard's B&B called Mrs Winterbottom.

Dawn said of her role, "There's only one show I'd come out of retirement for and it's Emmerdale, particularly as I've celebrated my 76th birthday this week so I wanted to mark the occasion. I love my character. What a feisty lady she is! Giving them all a run for their money in the B&B on Christmas Day. She's so rude to them which isn't like me at all."

She added: "The cast and production team at Emmerdale have been so lovely and really looked after me, and I was particularly pleased to be directed by Tony Prescott. I've worked with him over many years at Corrie and he's a lovely man, really good at what he does and very creative. I'll be looking forward to seeing my scene on Christmas Day and introducing you all to Mrs Winterbottom."


We can't wait either. it's been seven years since we saw Liz on screen properly, although five if you count when she appeared as a ghost when Jack passed away back in 2010.

Dawn was hilarious as one half of television's most popular couples. but no doubt she will be well able to hold her own as Mrs Winterbottom.

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