What's This, Chrissy Teigen's the New Jean Byrne?

More Chrissy Teigen on TV is never a bad thing.

Supermodel and sometime TV host-ish Chrissy Teigen popped into Houston's ABC 13 to have a chinwag about her new show 'Fab Life' (great title, right?) and decided to have a go at being a meteorologist. It didn't go to well.

Teigen captioned the video: "Learned another job I can't do #ABC13 #Houston thanks for having me!". While we agree, we fully support her in her career as a weather presenter if she wants one mainly because it would be pretty damn entertaining and might actually make us watch the weather with the sound on for once.


While there Teigen naturally talked about her own fab life, which you can watch below if you're in the mood to be sickened.

Chrissy Teigen or Gerald Fleming, who'd get your vote? *wink wink* Or are you actually planning to watch 'Fab Life'?

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