What's Your Favourite Coffee? And New Survey Reveals What Your Drink of Choice Says About You

It is the poison of facialists who keep telling me to stop drinking it and that my skin will thank me ten-fold for it. But it is the bounce that my poor old brain craves from the moment I wake up. I love an Americano after dinner and it's really my only vice so it's essential to keep it as it my stand against puritanism. At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

But if the espresso shot could talk (probably very rapidly), what would your cup of coffee say about you?

Now, I know I'm not alone in my caffeinated ways. Most of us find it difficult to get up in the morning without a jolt of coffee from our favourite barista, but what's the most popular option out there, and what does your choice say about you?

Well, according to a recent survey of 1,000 Irish consumers undertaken by the Irish Coffee Council with Amárach Research, there is plenty of variety when it comes to Irish coffee drinkers, but on the whole they tend to be "more extroverted than non-coffee drinkers" and "seek out social situations since they enjoy being around people". Back in yizzir boxes you quiet water drinkers.

Ireland's favourite coffee is a cappuccino with 30% of those surveyed saying that was their drink of choice, while Americano was a close second overall (27%) and the most popular with those over 45. Café latte is also a popular choice (22%) while the espresso has a smaller but dedicated following, with 10% of people preferring it over others.

Along with psychologist Patrick Kennedy of Amárach Research, the survey also looked at the traits and personality types of those people who ordered the different drinks, and there were some interesting (and maybe questionable) findings there too.

  • Americano: tend to be crowd-pleasers who are generally considered out-going and sociable, and thrive in groups. However, they are more likely than others to be somewhat moody and unpredictable with their emotions. (Well yes, of course that last part would  refer to me when I don't get my Americano *stamps foot*).
  • Cappuccino: the most popular choice. People who drink this style of coffee are full of life, energy and positivity. Cappuccino drinkers are likely to be seen as kind and considerate. (And George Hook said men who drink cappuccinos should wear dresses. Jaysus, my poor old cap-loving Dad would not look great in a floral coffee tea dress).
  • Latte: tend to be more reserved than others, preferring to create close personal relationships in intimate settings rather than socialising in larger groups. Also seen as helpful and generous with their time.
  • Espresso: notably different to other coffee drinkers. Tend to be disorganised and spontaneous. They enjoy their own company and exploring their thoughts. They're introverted but have no difficulty speaking with others. (I think this description makes them sound extremely kooky and I am making a mental note to cut any espresso-drinking friends out of my life).

The survey also found that those who add a sprinkle of chocolate to their coffee of choice tend to seek out new experiences and love to meet new people. They are also spontaneous and prefer to take the world as it comes.

It should come as no surprise that the survey found that an aul cup of joe is hugely popular here at the moment among Irish adults, with three quarters saying they drink coffee, with nearly one in ten of those surveyed saying they drank more than five cups a day.

I like to imagine that Roz popped up from under this table in very slooooow motion.

When it comes to knowing our stuff and being picky, a quarter of coffee drinkers rank themselves very highly on knowledge and appreciation of coffee, while 32% of those in the age bracket of 15-24 saw themselves as connoisseurs, which is surprising given that they are the age group that drink coffee the least frequently. I suspect that 32% may all be beardy hipsters.

Patrick Kennedy also added that the fact that coffee drinkers tend to be extroverted is interesting, as it asks whether extroverted people are drawn to coffee due to its function in social gatherings, or if coffee drinkers become more extroverted as a result of being involved in those gatherings. Essentially, does drinking coffee mean you have more mates? The answer seems to be yes.

Irish Coffee Council Spokesperson Conor Minogue had some facts and figures on the rise in the amount of coffee being consumed, saying "Irish people have embraced coffee like never before. Last year, 3,992 tonnes of coffee were consumed in Ireland and Dublin will host Ireland’s first Coffee and Tea Festival this September", which will surely prove to be a huge event. But he did add that while we are at heart still a "tea drinking nation – a change could definitely be brewing”.

Mrs Doyle, your job is safe for a while so.


Are you a coffee or tea drinker? How many cups do you have a day? And does your coffee of choice reflect the personality traits that this survey suggests? Just be careful on the keyboard with those shaky hands.

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