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God forgive me but Galaxy just sent me some bars of their new Cookie Crumble (scrumptious) and without hesitation myself and himself scoffed the lot in one sitting.

We'd been up for two days traveling and were trying to stay up a bit longer. Alluringly clad in a pair of stripy pajamas and fluffy dressing gown (he wasn't much better), we were watching Deal Or No Deal. "I'll start my post holiday diet tomorrow" I said by way of comforting explanation to myself for partaking in such mindless activities. "Sure, we're jetlagged."

"Uh huh" he replied between mouthfuls. Men don't feel guilty about scoffing two bars of chocolate on the trot - how unfair.


I know it's not just me - we all do it. Watching crap mindless TV (preferably daytime) can be a joy and a comfort during those duvet days.

This is a safe space. Go on admit to it. No one will blame you. I've gone first and admitted to loving the crappiest of crappy programs.

So what's yours? Is it Jeremy Kyle? Cash in the Attic? The Afternoon Show? Judge Judy? Home and Away? King of Queens? Winning Streak (if you answer yes to the last one you are someone's Da - why do all Dads love this so much?)

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