Jamie Dornan Is Christian Grey: Kinky Kudos Or Career Suicide?

After months of speculation and a Charlie Hunnam false start, it would appear that we finally have our Christian Grey.

Fifty Shades will feature our very own Jamie Dornan, complete with washboard abs that you could actually grate cheddar on.

jamie dornan

This beautiful creature has modeled for Dior, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Zara. Doesn’t he have the look of a smouldering aul divil about him? I can easily imagine Jamie cavorting around with a whip and a scowl.

His acting career has taken off in the last few years, first garnering attention in "Marie Antoinette" and then "Once Upon a Time". More recently he has really proved his acting mettle in "The Fall", playing the most attractive psycho I ever did see.

But all the hype surrounding his casting comes with a big fat warning. This could easily be the biggest, gobbling turkey disaster of a film.

fifty shades


Book to film successes are often difficult to achieve and Mommy Porn is a niche that we haven’t yet tackled in the mainstream. This could be career suicide for the Co.Down native which wouldn’t be good, what with his wife Amelia Warner expecting their first genetically blessed baba.

The other big casting news of late is that Tom Hardy is set to play Elton John in his upcoming biopic. Is this screen choice a stroke of genius or potential harakiri for the handsome and hairy Tom?

I am also worried that this will result in me suddenly finding the bespectacled, feather-wearing one very attractive, an unfortunate and confusing development by which neither of us will be enthused.

Forget Where's Wally, let's play Where's Elton Forget Where's Wally, let's play Where's Elton

Whether Fifty Shades will live up to our expectations, be they high or low, remains to be seen. But one thing is certain - Hollywood is making some interesting casting decisions these days.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I am off to buy a block of Kilmeaden. Because if anyone is going to test that cheese grating theory, it’s going to be ME.

What do you think of the new Christian Grey? Could you care less? Or are you just rendered speechless by all those delightful pictures? Wipe the drool off your keyboard and head to the comments!

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