Who Run the World? Hillary Clinton Expected to Announce Run for White House

Hillary Clinton is expected to make a run for President of the United States of America for the second time, with speculation mounting that the still extremely popular former Secretary of State/First Lady will announce officially in November after the mid-terms.

The Hollywood Reporter are saying that a recent shindig in Democratic stronghold California featured an array of powerful industry types, with Glee and American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy hosting an event that was seen, officially at least, to "encourage" Clinton to make a run for The White House in 2016. So, basically, Mrs Clinton is dipping her toe in the water to see how much money can be raised for a likely extremely expensive campaign.

Clinton was very much the frontrunner in 2008, before Barack Obama's campaign took off and he ultimately won in a landslide victory over Republican candidate John McCain. At the time she was as shocked as everyone, when prominent Democratic supporters like David Geffen backed Obama having previously been longtime supports of her husband, Bill.

While it may seem early for a Presidential run, in America the candidates who announce have to first win the party vote in what's called 'primaries'. It involves first beating (not physically, mind) fellow party members who fancy the gig, a big party, a hearty speech and a lot of CNN coverage.

Burt Bacharach performed at the fundraiser, while Michael Douglas is filming Ant-Man with Paul Rudd, but donated to Clinton.


First female American president on her way? Well, 'twould be better than how we treat women in our Dáil. For shame, for absolute shame.

Would you like to see Mrs Clinton in power? And why does that footage look like it comes from a Craggy Island-based cabinet?

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