Will you look at the reported 'new' X Factor host

It's obvious, innit, and if he's willing to do it after a year off, all the better. We missed Dermot on last year's X Factor, we even missed his little intro dance moves, so we're rejoicing at the rumours circulating this morning regarding his return.

Seemingly a "show insider" had this to share with The Mirror: "We want the show to be bigger and better than last year, and one thing that people really missed was Dermot... He is as much part of The X Factor as Simon Cowell for most people, so it makes sense to approach him about returning. Dermot is thinking things through, and a big money deal will be offered to try to tempt him back. Nothing is signed, but it is looking like a distinct possibility that he will return which is great news for viewers and Dermot as he has missed working on one of the biggest shows on TV.”

This news comes in the wake of Caroline Flack allegedly getting her marching orders and Ollie Murs deciding to quit. As for who's going to replace judge Nick Grimshaw (who "only wanted to do it once" anyway) one can assume the way will be paved for Louis Walsh's return.

Regarding Grimshaw, he reportedly said the following in a red carpet interview following the announcement of his departure: "It was one of those things that I thought about over Christmas when I had some time off, and I thought that it was one of those things that I just definitely wanted to do once. And I loved it, and I'll miss it I guess, but I think whoever does it next, they're going to have the best time, because it's really, really fun."


We believe you, Grimmy.

Via The Mirror / The Independent


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