Which Irish Weatherman Did William Shatner Call 'The Zoolander of Weather Forecasters'?

Social media and the like are currently freaking out because William Shatner has tweeted about a weatherman from TV3, but come on, who knew they could get Irish TV on the Enterprise?

The weatherman in question is TV3's Deric Ó h'Artagáin whom Shatner referred to as the 'zoolander of weather'.


This is the fella in question in case you are not up to date with your TV weather folk.


Shatner later added an explanation as to how he saw Deric in the first place...

Although, could somebody please think of Martin King? Trucking away there for years as the most jolliest weatherman you ever could find and not even one mention by Captain Kirk, or anybody from the Starship Enterprise for that matter. You'd be ragin'.

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