Woody Harrelson Wore Actual PJs to Hunger Games Photo Call

Sorry, but even Woody Harrelson - possibly one of the most reclined people on the planet - can't pull this off. It's the socks that get us. If he was even barefoot, that'd be grand (and it is unseasonably warm out there at the minute), but it's the socks. At least they're matching?

If you thought he just rocked up late, or was sleep walking near some Hunger Games hoarding and someone snapped a shot; here he is lined up with the cast...

And the extended cast...


There's speculation that he was inspired by one of Jennifer Lawrence's recent red carpet look. Here she is at the Paris premiere held at Le Grand Rex.

People are calling it a "nightie", but it's Dior Couture, dammit.

Ever ventured out in yer jammies? Who hasn't?!

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