WTF - Janice Dickinson Had a Seizure Last Night and CBB Actually Showed It

As addictive as we know these reality shows can be, there has to be a point where we draw the line at what the viewer can see. Or does anyone even know where the line is anymore?

Last night on Celebrity Big Brother one of the contestants, former supermodel Janice Dickinson, was seen having an allergic reaction to a bee sting. Dickinson ran into the diary room to show her swelling hands and was shouting for an epi pen.

Big Brother told her to try and keep calm as they undoubtedly were freaking out somewhere backstage calling ambulances and whatnot. However the star then suffered a seizure and fell to the floor, but we did also see medical professionals arrive on the scene and tend to her before she was rushed to hospital.

While the viewers at home were pretty much like...

TMI Big Bro, TMI.

Janice Dickinson is fine by the way, she is now back in full health, and has even returned to the house.


Upon returning she said; "I want to thank the amazing, generous doctors for helping me. I'm ready to go back into the house now. I want to make everyone feel safe and at ease."

So all's well that ends well, although viewers were still a little disturbed by the scenes;

Are you keeping up with this year's CBB antics?


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