Xpose have confirmed changes to time, and have ditched some presenters?

There's more changes on the way to TV3's Xpose to follow the recent addition of two new presenters to the entertainment show.

As of September, the show will return to its original 30 minute duration, following two years of an hour-long slot. Xpose will continue to air at 6pm each day and will have a second chance look at 8.30pm every night on 3e.

Another interesting development on the show is that the press release only listed Karen Koster, Glenda Gilson, Cassie Stokes and Ruth O’Neill as the Xpose presenters.

We know Aisling O'Loughlin is currently on maternity leave, as is Karen Koster.


TV3 have confirmed to beaut.ie that Lisa Cannon is moving to Saturday AM and Sunday AM covering for Anna Daly's maternity leave, and you can read Peter O'Riordan's open letter here.

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