Yes, Celebrity Big Brother Has Started to Eat Itself...

This may just be the most controversial series of Celebrity Big Brother to date, with not one but two housemates prematurely evicted for being very bold celebrities indeed. It's starting to go off the rails and the latest new housemate rumours aren't going to help the situation.

Former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson drunkenly opened Chloe Goodman's dressing gown while chatting to her, as you do. While former Coronation Street star Ken Morley was accused of making racist remarks and also told to please leave the Big Brother house. And we thought Katie Hopkins would be the main one rocking the boat! There was also the whole issue of Bananagate, but we won't even get into that.

Anyways, rumours are circulating that Katie Price AKA Jordan could be making her way into this celebrity minefield shortly.


While her mate and CBB's Bit On The Side presenter, Rylan Clark also told OK magazine in December; "Kate will do Celebrity Big Brother. I think it's inevitable that she will go in there, but when the time is right."

Sounds like that could be now, considering they are dropping like flies in there. She may even have as much luck as her ex-husband Alex Reid, who won the show back in 2010. And let's face it, it's been ages since Katie Price has been wrecking all our heads on the tellybox.

Are you watching CBB this year or do you wish it would just go away and crawl under a never-to-be-upturned again rock?

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