You can watch The Ellen Show in Ireland as of Monday

At long last we will be able to watch one of the most famous talk shows in the world on this side of the pond, as The Ellen DeGeneres Show is set to begin airing on ITV2 as of next Monday.

We previously had re-runs of the chat show on during the day on Irish television but now we will be able to watch it in line with the US, as it will air every weekday at 1.45 p.m. We assume that means we will be getting the show the day after America but look, we'll take what we can get. This is the lady that brought our own Crystal Swing to the world stage after all...

As well as of course the amazing Jesse Jane McParland...


Ellen is delighted with the news too saying; “After what feels like decades of campaigning I’m so excited that my show is on ITV2. I can literally feel my crumpets tingling down in my cockles."

So if you find yourself at home of a weekday afternoon, prepare yourself to bust a few moves with Ellen now on.

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