You Really Shouldn't Miss Tonight's Late Late Show

While sometimes it can be the guests that maketh The Late Late Show,  tonight it will be the topic of conversation as Ryan Tubridy takes on one of the most talked about topics in Ireland at the moment, the upcoming Marriage Equality referendum.

Speaking for the Yes campaign will be Colm O’Gorman (executive director of Amnesty International Ireland) and Irish Times columnist Una Mullally, while Petra Conroy from Catholic Comment and blogger Keith Mills will be representing the No side.

Ireland is the first country in the world to hold a vote over Marriage Equality, and with over half a million tuning into The Late Late Show each week, we can only hope they don't mess this one up.

It won't be all debate though, Taste Icon Award recipient Richard Corrigan will be joining Ryan for a chat.

Fans of Geordie Shore will be happy to know one of its stars Charlotte Crosby is on the show.


While Irish band Ham Sandwich will also be performing, here they are with their new single Apollo...

Does this line up tempt you to stay in or are you off out? Or indeed out out? 

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