Your sneak preview of the soaps this week...

Here's what you can expect from the soaps this week...


Poor Aaron, we really can't cope with watching what he's going through, and it gets worse for him tonight as he thinks that Robert may doubt him. Later, Chas is heartbroken when Gordon dumps her, telling her that he can't break up a mother and son. Eugh, we can't even look at that fella now. Meanwhile, Kirin is stressed at having to juggle work and a baby, can he cope with being a dad and a businessman?

There may be another baby on the way to the village, however, this one is most certainly unplanned as poor Laurel realises she is pregnant, which is less than ideal considering she has just signed on to look after Ashley through his dementia... so some tough decisions ahead for the pair this week.

Coronation Street

That Phelan fella continues to cause more trouble for Anna this week as he paints himself as the victim to Kevin in the sure knowledge that she wouldn't admit to Kevin about what happened between them (that whole indecent proposal incident). In an attempt to twist the knife, Phelan tells Kevin how Gary knocked him unconscious after the project with Owen turned sour. Kevin is horrified and soon confronts Anna, will she be able to tell him what really happened?

Meanwhile, Todd wonders why Tracy is keeping her knowledge of Robert and Carla under wraps. Tracy explains that she's saving that bombshell for the right time and place... hell hath no fury like a Tracy scorned.

Also this week, crazy Jenny is back on the cobbles, although apparently not-so-crazy anymore. Don't think Kevin will be too happy to have her back however, usually a bit off-putting when your son's kidnapper moves back to the same street as you.



Martin is understandably struggling following last week's events and refuses to visit Stacey in the hospital. Although Kathy manages to convince him otherwise after they have a heart-to-heart about his own parents. Later, back on the Square, Martin tells Kathy that he'll find a way to reunite Stacey and Arthur, but he gets a huge shock when he returns to the flat...possibly when he sees that Lily's baby daddy Ryan has returned...EastEnders certainly kept that one quiet!

Meanwhile, Paul confronts Ben about their recent conversation and tells him that he wants a decision today - it's him or Abi. What will Ben decide?

Also this week, Whitney decides to make a move on Mick.... but please, please baby Jesus may he send her packing.

Fair City

This steamy affair between Heather and the doc continues this week, although looks like Renee is on to them as she becomes suspicious as to why Shane is calling over the whole time. The guilt continues to get to Shane as he vows to tell Ama... no doubt this will all come to a head in a lot more dramatic fashion than a simple confession however.

Also this week, Caoimhe and Dean struggle to have a good working relationship together, while there's more trouble brewing between Sash and Nina when she discovers that Nina sent more than just the one email to Laura while they were in London.

Red Rock

Angela is distraught following Conor's near fatal overdose, and realises herself and Tommy need to do everything in their power to prevent a relapse... which may just include sacrificing a potential promotion in work as it's between herself and Nikki to replace the late McKay... we still can't believe they just went and killed him off. Elsewhere, Detective Rory's dark side rears its ugly head this week, but probably the most shocking point of the week will be the return of Brian McGonigle. Yep, he's back and determined to clear his name. Eugh, what a creep...


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