7 on trend pink pieces for the non-girly woman

Pink is a curious colour. There are as many shades of it as there are grey but more opinions on it.

Grey and black and navy and white and all of those muted colours the "cool girl's" palette; pink is for the "girly-girl" who likes to describe herself as such (cool girls never admit they're cool). Or is it?

Well, yes, in a way. Pink has garnered an undeserved reputation for being the colour of (eurgh, hate this word) bimbos and people who dress 'like Barbie'. Of course, there's nothing wrong with being a self-professed Barbie Girl, everyone's free to dress exactly how they please, but the infuriating stereotype is there and it, unfortunately, puts people off wearing the shade.

Pink was originally marketed as a manly man's colour. The Atlantic quote fashion scholar Valerie Steele in a 2013 article saying, "In the 18th century, it was perfectly masculine for a man to wear a pink silk suit with floral embroidery." Indeed, it was considered a war-like colour and the colour of health. It is only since the 1950s that pink has been associated with women, or more accurately, girls.

I like pink. I love a light blush shade, the cherry blossom flower and print is undeniably beautiful. And despite common opinion, there is a shade to suit everyone, and since pink is big news this Spring Summer, you're bound to discover something that may change your mind about Andie Walsh's favourite colour.



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