This fab summer workout gear will get you motivated

When the sun is out, many of us will take the opportunity to bring our workout outside.

But while going for a run, swimming or doing some outdoor yoga is certainly more interesting than the gym that you've been stuck in all winter long, it does also have its own problems.

One of these is the heat; exercising in the sun without proper hydration and sun protection can be extremely dangerous. Always remember to wear sunscreen and a hat if you can and to carry a water bottle.

It is also important to dress accordingly for the weather.

So to help you out here is our pick of workout gear that is stylish and will also keep you cool during any warm spell:

Quick dry shorts

M&S €22.00

Parisian Light Grey Colour Block Tracksuit

New Look €49.99

Black Embossed Trainer

Penney's €14.00


Sports shorts

H&M €14.99

Sports bra

M&S €34.00

Cycling shorts

Penney's €6.00

Pale pink sports vest

New Look €9.99

Sports Tights

H&M €22.99



Have you spotted any stylish workout gear?

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