What Floats Your Coat: We've Got More Fab Picks

Between coats and boots I feel that I could live out my life in a happy state of writing about cosying up for Winter.  We're getting kind of used to pretty consistent freezing Winters so we need serious coat-age: and let's face it, coats are such a great investment buy.

I showed you lots of options a few days ago, including a few pink coat picks (check them out here)

Faux fur coats are huge this year - and actually the louder the colour the better.  But if you don't want to go the whole hog there's plenty of coats and jackets with fur or leather collars and cuffs.  The trusty parka (fleece or faux fur lined) works so hard and will keep you warm and snug, particularly on those freezing mornings shivering at the bus stop.

And if you're looking for a grey coat?  Well they're around - maybe not in 50 Shades, but close enough.


See anything you like?  Or got a recommendation you'd like to share that you don't see here?  Fire away!

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