Glastonbury 2017: Alexa Chung has just changed the way we dress for festivals

Those of us who value our warmth and comfort can breathe a sigh of relief: Alexa Chung has switched shorts and wellies for jeans and jumpers.

Alexa Chung is sick of the "Festival Look" she helped create about ten years ago. She has decided that short shorts, knee-high wellies and crochet tops are for mugs. This year, her Glastonbury look was more sensible-but-fun-mom than carefree twenty-something who doesn't feel the chill. OK, I know that Glastonburys past were scorchers that required little to no clothing. And I get that people love to dress up. But, there's this common belief that because you're going to a festival, you have to dress like you're going to a festival.

My first festival was Oxegen. It was a total washout. This was the age when wellies were the most uncool shoes you could think of (it was also the age before Crocs), but I wore my farmer green pair proudly, with a jumper, jeans and a raincoat. Everyone I was with wore runners and pants that dragged along the mud. How smug I was. How smug I still am, especially since 14 years later, Alexa Chung is copying my style.

White jeans at a muddy festival is a risky move. Alexa is still wearing wellies, but her Hunters are in the Chelsea boots style.

Cuz I'm (mostly) stuck in a city but I (grew up) belong in a field. @alexachungstagram jumperrrrrr

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It's just an amazing oversized jumper that you can wear any season of the year.

The Hunter Chelseas again (we'd wear them outside the fields tbh), with trusty black jeans and a lumberjack shirt. This autumn, we will all be wearing lumberjack shirts. The '90s everyday grunge invasion continues.

Glastonbury ⚡️ #matthitt #alexachung @orrgillian @feefehbrown

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See? That crowd could have been at the West's Awake in Tuam in 1992.


Alexa's festival style isn't festival style. It's hanging out with friends style. The point of the entire matter is, Alexa isn't dressing for the occasion, she's making the occasion work for her. She is adapting her style to suit the event, not going all fancy dress. If your style really is cut-offs and fringed waistcoats, that's what you should wear. If your style is copying Alexa Chung, well, she's just made it easier than ever.

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