How To Quickly Give Your Handbag A Well Deserved Detox

Most women have more than one handbag; from little clutches used for special occasions to big suitcase types that we can fit the kitchen sink in.

But we are creatures of habit and once we decide we like something we will generally stick with it. This is especially true when it comes to handbags.

So it's not surprising that our favourite bag often ends up heavy, cluttered and dirty. And (if you are anything like me) you probably rarely give it a good clean out.

But it is important to give it a detox around once or twice a month as it can harbour loads of nasty bacteria.

Here is how you can quickly and effectively detox your handbag.

Sort out the contents


First, empty out the contents of your handbag and sort it into three piles: 'rubbish', 'things I use daily' and 'things I use occasionally'. Don't hold onto things you think might be useful in the future - they never are. Put the things you use occasionally somewhere safe and the things you use often aside to put back at the end.

handbag detox

Clean the inside

You can use a hand-held vacuum to remove bits from the bottom or pull the lining out and dust it off. Use a soapy sponge to clean the lining and leave it in the airing cupboard overnight (use a hairdryer if you are in a rush).

Sort and replace contents


Put everything that is essential back in your handbag. A good idea is to use mini bags inside: a purse, a make-up bag and another small bag for bits. This saves you rooting around and helps keep it cleaner. We've all had an unfortunate foundation or sun cream spillages in our bag.

Then all that there is left to do is enjoy your clean and less heavy bag!

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