How to dress in between seasons

Summer is so close we can almost taste it and while we have had some fabulous summer-like days, there is still a nippy breeze most days so it can be difficult to know what to wear.

Luckily we have some tips to help you keep stylish and weather-appropriate as the summer approaches.

Swap scarves

You can put away your chunky knitted scarf for another year but you might still need something to keep the chill off, especially in the evenings. Instead, opt for a chic silk or linen scarf, it will keep you warm enough without making you too hot when the sun makes an appearance. As an added bonus, it is easily folded and stored in your bag if the need arises!

It's not too early for summer dresses

Take out those summer dresses you've been dreaming about all winter long, you deserve a bit of floral and colour in your life. Simply add a long sleeved top or shirt under strappy dresses (luckily that '90s trend is back) or a light wrap or cardigan over them.


Change your jacket

Gone are the days when you need to bundle yourself into that winter coat that reaches your toes, but it is just chilly enough not to be able to go without just yet. In comes the old reliable leather or denim jacket, it will be warm enough to keep the chill away but light enough so you won't be too warm and, just like the scarf, it is far easier to fold away in your bag or over your arm if you do get too warm.

Choose the right shoe

The stylish winter boots are no longer needed much to our dismay (bad weather isn't fun but we just love those boots!). Instead, opt for a pair of pumps or converse with barely-there ankle socks. Either will go great with your spring/summer wardrobe and are much more weather appropriate.

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