The Denim Jacket: How Not to Wear it the '90s Way!

My fondest memories of the denim jacket are from Jessie Spano in Saved by The Bell, who had a fantastic selection of denim cropped jackets as well as scrunchies. I loved her when I was little, and watching that show before school was the highlight of my day as a quiet 10 year old. But I wanted a Jessie Spano denim jacket, and I did indeed have a few, all of which I wore like the nineties child I was. Oh 1992, you were the beginning of a fashion revolution for me.

The denim jacket has since returned, many many times since 1992. And gladly, it's got a contemporary make over. But the style question remains how to wear it to avoid the Spano-esque look? There are ways, I have found.

New Look, €29.99 New Look, €29.99

Light wash denim behaves in a more 1990s fashion than it's darker counterparts, so you need to style it with a darker shade to bring it up to date. Try this with a wax finish or wet look denim to give a nod to street style bloggers.

Or wear it over a pattered dress to add the Seventies vibes we have been harping on about (well it is the biggest trend of the season).

New Look, €24.99 New Look, €24.99

Alternatively, look to white. Pop a white denim jacket over blue denim; this allows the double denim trend to be addressed without looking like the Canadian Tuxedo. I quite like this kind of jacket over high waisted palazzo pants too which is a chic version of monochrome. And monochrome always wins.

Zara, €39.95 Zara, €39.95

Taking inspiration from UK designers, Marques Almeida who dominate at LFW, check out frayed edges. We are used to seeing these on jeans but not so much on a jacket. Yes, it gives an unfinished look, but you are right on trend with your designer inspiration here. As the fraying is more casual, you need to add a dressier item. Why not wear this over a sequins or any kind of embellishment to provide some contrast?

Finally, if you think the jacket isn't for you, look at the denim dress instead. Alexa Chung has been leading the pack with this as part of her collection for AG, but many a high street copycat has been found! Check out Zara, Oasis and Penneys for your next best thing!

Dress, €90, Cheap Monday at BT2 Dress, €90, Cheap Monday at BT2

So do you have a denim jacket you think you can update for this season? Or is this one just too nineties?

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